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Welcome to this weeks Style Edit.  I am truly delighted to be sharing the Stylish Thoughts of Sarah Van Dort, an award winning Colour and Image Consultant and Personal Stylist based here in Berkshire.

Sarah runs Absolutely Fabulous Image and has a passion for fashion and a keen eye for style.   Sarah offers many services including personal colour analysis, seasonal style updates & personal shopping.  

Sarah is incredibly bubbly, positive and has an amazing eye for detail!

Welcome Sarah…

Tell us more about yourself…

I’m a personal stylist with my own image consultancy called Absolutely Fabulous Image. My passion is helping women to feel confident, at any stage of their life, by helping them find their own personal style. I do this by showing them their best colours and taking them on a journey of self-discovery about their bodies and how to dress for their unique self.  I can then help them to sort out their wardrobes, shop for any additions that would bring their outfits together and be on hand for any advice they need. Style is a journey not a destination and once you understand your body it can be a really pleasurable experience.

My aim is always to get my clients to the stage where they open their wardrobe every day, love what they have in there and feel excited to get dressed and go out and achieve their goals in life, whether that’s to run a successful business or to be the best mum they can, or both at the same time.

On a personal level I have 2 sons, 23 and 25 years old, 4 grandchildren (one who is only 8 weeks old) and 2 step grandchildren. I have a wonderfully supportive husband who encourages me to follow my dreams and be who I really am. I am extremely grateful for being able to follow my passion and encourage others to do the same.


Sarah Van Dort - Personal Stylist - Absolutely Fabulous Image
Sarah Van Dort

Who are your style icons & why?

I need to look back in history a bit to find my style icons, I like a glamorous style and take inspiration from the old Hollywood starlets such as Marilyn Monroe and Rita Hayworth, not forgetting the endless grace of Audrey Hepburn. I wish we all dressed up a bit more these days, I remember when I was younger going to the theatre was a reason to put on a pretty frock now it’s totally acceptable to wear jeans and a top. I still dress up to go out though, never knowingly underdressed is my motto!!

The brand that I aspire to has to be Christian Dior, classic, stylish and beautiful but also innovative. The exhibition at the V&A last year was totally stunning and dresses from 50 years ago could still look elegant and very fashionable today.Style Edit – Sarah Van Dort


How would you describe your personal style?

My personal style is dramatic but also with a touch of classic to it. I like striking colours and well-fitted dresses. I have a long body and short legs so I struggle a bit with separates and dresses are more comfortable for me. I think personal grooming is essential and also love a co-ordinated look (that’s the classic styling coming out).

How do you decide what to wear?

First thing I think about is where I’m going and what is appropriate to wear for the occasion. I also think about how I’m feeling that day, do I want to wear a vibrant red and be flamboyant or am I in a more subdued mood and wanting to wear more neutral tones.

What’s the best piece of style wisdom you’ve ever received?

My beautiful mum used to say that your hair is your crowning glory, and she was absolutely right, or course! If I’m having a good hair day, then I’m generally having a good day in general. Style Edit – Sarah Van Dort

Sarah Van Dort - Colour Analysis - Absolutely Fabulous Image

Do you have a signature piece or style?

This for me, I would say that red nails are my signature.  I guess this harps back to the glamorous Hollywood styling I admire.  In order to keep them looking great, I have them done every 3 weeks to keep them in good condition, they are my own nails so I need to look after them. As I mentioned earlier I’m also known for wearing dresses and leopard print features heavily in my wardrobe.

What is your secret to great style?

I think you have to dress to your authentic self and enjoy what you wear. If comfort is your priority then think about that when you choose your clothes, if practicality isn’t a high priority but being noticed is then dress for that. I really enjoy working with my clients to help them find their authentic style, it’s such a voyage of self-discovery.

What is the most important item you spend money on?

For me, it’s shoes, handbags and jewellery. I spend a lot less money on actual clothes than I do on accessories. To put an outfit together you need a good choice of accessories.

What is your current style obsession?

I have discovered this fabulous company called Bombshell HQ, they are based in London and make their dresses there to. They have the most glamorous dresses that are really suited to my full hourglass figure and I am a bit obsessed with them, I actually own 8 now. But there is absolutely no occasion that I couldn’t wear them to and the price per wear is really great.

What is your favourite fashion accessory or piece of jewellery & why?

It has to be a simple string of pearls. They go with every outfit from casual to super dressy. I guess it goes back to my love of Audrey Hepburn and reminds me of Breakfast and Tiffanys but it really is a classic.

Style Edit – Sarah Van Dort

Thank you so much Sarah for sharing your stylish thoughts with us.  Xx

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