The Spirit & Grace Style Edit – Sarah Helm

This week I would like to introduce to The Spirit & Grace Style Edit – Sarah Helm.  Sarah and her sister Emma set up the fabulous Instagram page StyleItOutSister

Sarah & Emma have fun styling out their everyday lives and entertain us in the process!

Welcome, Sarah!

Tell us more about yourself…

I’m Sarah, one half of @styleitoutsister and owner of a learning and development company, Talent by Design. I’m passionate about learning, positive thinking and enabling people to maximise their own capabilities, have confidence and be successful and happy in what they do. I live in Berkshire with my husband, Jon, daughter, Amelie and son, Oscar, not forgetting Manny, our dog!


Sarah Helm & Emma Smith - Style It Out Sister

Who are your style icons & why?

There are plenty that I admire, but I’ve come to realise that recreating an outfit or style that looks amazing on one person, doesn’t always translate to someone with a completely different build, colouring etc. Kylie Minogue is someone who I can level with height wise (although I’m actually 1.5 inches taller!) and I love how she has evolved her style over the years with a mix of clothes that are on-trend, timeless and luxurious. And who doesn’t love pulling on a pair of cheeky, sequinned gold hot pants every now and then??

How would you describe your personal style?

 I’d like to think it would be described as classic French chic, with the odd designer piece or new trend thrown in every now and then.


Sarah Helm - Style It Out Sister

How do you decide what to wear?

My mood massively affects the way I dress. Being a bit of a spontaneous, right-brained thinker, I’m easily influenced by anything visual. For instance, I might see a pic on Instagram that inspires me or be watching a film and see an outfit I love. People-watching is one of my hobbies, so I could be on the tube and spot someone wearing an ankle bracelet and as soon as I get home I dig mine out and wear that for the next week!


Style It Out Sister - Sarah Helm

What’s the best piece of style wisdom you’ve ever received?

From my lovely Mum -‘wear it with a smile, put your shoulders back and hold your head up high’.

Do you have a signature piece or style?

I love French style or Parisian chic. I would say that approximately 50% of my summer and winter wardrobe is navy blue and I tend to stick to one colour palette with clean lines and cuts. I also love wearing my white Gucci sneakers, they go with pretty much anything.


Sarah Helm - Style It Out Sister - Instagram Influencer

What is your secret to great style?

To own it! Em and I aren’t stylists, we’ve just always loved fashion and style.  I used to spend hours sketching out designs for outfits in my notepad when I was younger. Neither of us pursued a career in fashion, but we enjoy dressing well and we’ve found over the years that to look good and carry something off you need to feel confident from the inside out and just #styleitoutsister

What is the most important item you spend money on?

Bags and sunglasses. I have invested in some classic bags over the years and they haven’t gone out of style yet.  I’ll be passing them onto my daughter one day, in fact, she’s commandeered one or two already! And I love wearing a giant pair of designer sunglasses, even on a cloudy day.


Instagram Influencers - Sisters Sarah Helm & Emma Smith

What is your current style obsession?

Cardi’s! I never thought I’d say that, but I’m loving the chunky embroidered and embellished knits at the moment. And high-waisted jeans too… what a great invention!!

What is your favourite fashion accessory or piece of jewellery & why?

I have a few bracelets that I’ve been given by various family members over the years. And I also have bracelets that I’ve bought in special places. Each one triggers a happy memory when I wear it.



Doesn’t Sarah look great in these pics!  

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Thank you so much, Sarah, for sharing your thoughts with us.  Xx


Katie Topping

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