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This week I am adding Jo Haley from The Positive Image Coach to the Style Edit.  Jo is an image consultant who is passionate about coaching ladies over 45 who have lost their identity, lack confidence and have little or no self-esteem.  

I am delighted to have Jo join me at Spirit & Grace Style and I hope you enjoy her stylish thoughts…

Tell me more about yourself…

Crikey, that is a hard question…what would you like to know??  I live in Henley with my sexy man, my two girls and one crazy dog!  I was brought up in the hotel and catering industry and worked with my parents for many years in their business but my true passion is people. That might sound strange but our lives tell a story and put us on an incredible journey to discover our mission and why we are here.  I have had many jobs over the years and they have all involved working with people to make them feel great about themselves or to be looked after in a way so that they feel special.  My jobs have varied from a hotel manager, events manager, cabin crew, beautician, makeup artist and image coach.

Jo & her gorgeous girls!

Who are your style icons & why?

I feel awful saying this but to be honest, I don’t feel I have one.  I have no interest in fashion but just love to look and feel like me in my outfits. However, I do love the way that Julia Roberts dresses and I would say that she is also fairly natural in her outfits.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say that I have two personal styles…one for day/one for the night.  My style is very relaxed and it is total comfort over fashion.  My style is what I would call a Natural.  Simple lines, no fussy detail, not to mad on prints but love colour.   Jeans, shirts/jumpers and blazers are my ‘go-to’.  At night time, I like to show a little flesh – it makes a nice change to be covered up in the day and so can be a little sexy too. Jo Haley – Image Consultant

How do you decide what to wear?

I wake up and just get dressed…yes it depends on what I am doing but because I feel ‘so me’ and so comfortable in my outfits, my wardrobe reflects that, so getting dressed for me is easy and stress-free.  I own about half a double wardrobe but the trick is that most items all work together and so I can mix, match and multiply.  Half the clothes but more outfits!

The Spirit & Grace Style Edit - Jo Haley - Image Consultant - Active Individual participating in the London to Reading Bike Ride.
Jo – Taking part in the London to Reading Bike Ride

What’s the best piece of style wisdom you’ve ever received? 

This would have to be when buying an expensive item.  If it is for a ‘one-off’ then is it worth it….the cost per wear would be expensive but to invest in an item that is a classic, for example, a winter coat, then that would be worth it.  Investment pieces can be the backbone of your wardrobe.

Do you have a signature piece or style?

Yes, my signature piece would be a scarf.  I love them and they can transform any outfit as they come in all different sizes, patterns, colours and fabrics.  They are also great accessories to ‘pull’ outfits together.  Also, if you have had your colours analysed, then adding a scarf in your colour to your outfit is a great way to add visual impact straight away.

The Spirit & Grace Style Edit - Jo Haley - Image Consultant - Personal Style
Style Edit – Jo Haley – Image Consultant – The Positive Image Coach

What is your secret to great style?

My secret to great style is two things that you need to know and understand.  One your body shape.  As women, we are very good at trying on clothing and then if it doesn’t look as good as we had hoped, we blame ourselves for that, but that is often so wrong.  If you don’t understand your body shape, then you won’t know what shapes, fabrics, cuts and patterns work on you.  When getting dressed, you really are creating an optical illusion and a work of art.  The second ‘secret’ you need to know is your style.  Your personal style is your brand.  It is what you feel your best wearing every day.  When you open your wardrobe doors in the morning, you should want to wear everything that is in there.  You should be able to see your personality and style personality in your wardrobe.  Your clothes tell your story and so what do you want others to know about you?

What is the most important item you spend money on? 

For me, this would be a blazer, I love them. I have more of these in my wardrobe than anything else…long ones, short ones, coloured ones, different fabrics…they can spruce up any outfit.

What is your current style obsession?

Nope, I am afraid that I don’t have this. As I am not a ‘follower’ of fashion.  I just want to get up, dress up, show up and carry on to be me just as I am. I don’t like to be dictated to by the fashion magazines or to follow the ‘on trends’ of the season.  Think about it, how can one item work for everybody when we are all different shapes and sizes.  I am very happy and comfortable with what I wear and how I wear it. Style Edit – Jo Haley

What is your favourite fashion accessory or piece of jewellery & why?

I have already talked about scarves and so my next piece would be my hoop earrings.  For me, they are my ‘trademark’.  I have worn hoops for as long as I can remember..big, little and in between.  My favourite are my gold hoops – they have a real sheen to them and as I love a bit of sparkle, these are just perfect.

Thank you so much Jo for sharing your thoughts with us.  Xx

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