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Welcome to this weeks Style Edit.  I am thrilled to be sharing the Stylish Thoughts of Chloe Leibowitz, Life Coach & Business Mentor based here in Berkshire. Chloe Leibowitz Life Coach

Chloe is passionate in helping entrepreneurs and small business owners (or those who want to explore this area) achieve more success and balance in their lives. 

Welcome Chloe…

Tell us more about yourself…

I’m 42 years old and live in Hurley with my husband, 2 children and 3 step children. The kids are all teenagers now, and eldest off at Uni, so things have changed a lot since they were all very young, but it’s still pretty hectic and requires an awful lot of juggling!!

I am a qualified Life Coach and Co-Founder of We Are Tabono, which I run with my business partner, Anna. We provide support for small business owners in the form of online courses, workshops, coaching, mentoring, co-swirling and networking. It’s busy, ever changing and we have a lot of fun together!

As well as this, and much to Anna’s dismay, I also travel a lot and enjoy it so much, it’s a real treat! 


Chloe Leibowitz - Life Coach & We Are Tabono Co-Founder Business Mentor standing in front of the Eiffel Tower, Paris
Chloe Leibowitz

Who are your style icons & why?

Ultimate style icon is Jennifer Anniston. She just does it so well!! I love her effortless, classic look and her impeccable grooming and beautiful hair!! She’s very “California”. Whether she’s in jeans and a leather jacket or a little black dress, it’s always spot on. Chloe Leibowitz Life Coach

How would you describe your personal style?

I think my style is fairly relaxed. I would say classic with a fashionable twist. In the winter I will generally be found in jeans, or perhaps a skirt and boots, with a jumper of some sort! I love boots and have lots of them! I like spotting something a bit different and using that one thing to make my classic, relaxed look stand out a bit more. Whether that’s a cool pair of boots, or a funky jacket, or even doing something fun with my hair like a hairband.


Chloe Leibowitz – Marlow

How do you decide what to wear?

Sometimes I know the night before how I want to feel, and therefore what I want to wear, and I will get it all ready. Other days I want to wait and see how I feel! But I do love those days when I want to feel really well put together and a bit special. Then I can have fun with my hair or accessories to give a bit of something extra. It makes me feel confident. 

What’s the best piece of style wisdom you’ve ever received?

Less is more. I think it was someone like Coco Chanel who said before you go out take off one accessory! 

Do you have a signature piece or style?

I would probably say the quirky things that make my style a bit more fun. I can think of two different pairs of boots that really stand out and always attract attention! 


Chloe’s Fabulous Boots – we’re loving these!

What is your secret to great style?

Thinking about what I buy and looking after things. I’ve learnt that when I shop, I do much better if I just buy something here and there. Whenever I buy lots I’m one go I end up not liking some it very much! Better to pick out a lovely jumper or jacket and leave it there. I also like to have stand out or elegant pieces of jewellery and just wear a couple so they shine rather than overload. 


Chloe Leibowitz wearing a simple gold necklace and animal print belt from Spirit & Grace Style
Simple Styling at it’s best!

What is the most important item you spend money on?

Probably boots / shoes and jackets. A friend of mine says I make cheap things look expensive!! This means I can get the classic basics Inexpensively and then invest in nicer statement items. 

What is your current style obsession?

Beautiful and different earrings!! And boots!!! 

What is your favourite fashion accessory or piece of jewellery & why?

My wedding ring. My husband chose it and it was handmade in Texas. It’s hand engraved and absolutely unique. I often receive compliments and I just love it! 


Chloe Leibowitz - Style Influence & Life Coach enjoying the Festival Season


Thank you so much to Chloe for taking part in this weeks Spirit & Grace Style Edit and for sharing your stylish thoughts with us.  

As an aside; Are you a Small Business or Entrepreneur looking for Coaching Advice?  I cannot recommend Chloe & Anna highly enough!  Why not pop over and have a look at We Are Tabono, an education programme and membership community, designed to support small business owners and entrepreneurs with both wellbeing and business growth.

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Would you like to take part in the next Spirit & Grace Style Edit?  Drop us a line & we can see what we can do!

Much love, The Spirit & Grace Style Team Xx


Katie Topping

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