The Power of Dressing Well…

Yes, fashion is a form of self-expression, but it can also help promote positive headspace…

We all have that one piece of clothing that makes us feel invincible.  From a battered old t-shirt from our Uni days to the little black dress that never fails to turn heads, we form deep relationships with our clothes, how we accessorise them and how we wear them.  However, it is fair to say that this year has not only changed how we dress, but how we feel about our outfits in general.  Our outfits have arguably become more attached to our overall sense of wellbeing.

We’ve all seen how, in the absence of impromptu office gatherings, meals with friends, or letting loose on a night out, we have found comfort in the garments that made us feel good when everything else felt a bit unstable.  The cosy jumper.  The super-soft leggings. The bag that adds the finishing touch. The statement earrings worn during an important online meeting or call.

As we finally start to return to some semblance of normality, let’s promote the idea of dressing to create a positive mood for the new season.  Shopping for a new winter coat now taps into our new-found love for being outside. Incorporating bright colours will increase our good vibes, even if we are just hanging out on Zoom!

And one colourful trend that continues to catch everyone’s attention in 2020 is the crossbody bag with an…


Where the designers embellished and accessorised their Haute bags with pins, key fobs, and patches before, this year it is all about the interchangeable bag straps. These straps are the new It accessory and make it a little bit easier to switch up and give your bag a new look. This trend is fun, practical, easy, and affordable to update your style this season. An eye-catcher and a really convenient way to carry your belongings.

Detachable straps are just one example of how to give any handbag a facelift & add more colour to your look! So, before you go to throw away an old bag think about how you can refurbish it.

These woven wonders are giving our everyday bags a whole new lease of life, lending them a high-fashion feel with minimum cost & effort.

I love this trend! Shopping for a bag did use to be easier. You simply had to choose the handbag that best matched your wardrobe and style. Now, even your accessories have accessories. But those accessories are amazing!

You can either buy your bag on its own with it’s coordinating crossbody strap…

Spirit & Grace Style - Genuine Leather Crossbody Bags
Crossbody Bags available at Spirit & Grace Style…
Spirit & Grace Style - Genuine Leather Crossbody Bags
Lots of varieties…

…Or you can buy a strap to glam up a bag you already own!

So many options to choose from!

Click here to see the full range of Crossbody Bags & Interchangeable Bag Straps available at Spirit & Grace Style.

Most importantly, we want our outfits to make us feel good inside as well as out and the Spirit & Grace Style collection has a whole bunch of pieces to help you create your perfect outfit!

Let me know if you need any help finding your perfect combination!

Do you have a favourite in mind?  Share your thoughts in the comments below...

Thank you for reading, take care & keep safe

Katie Xx

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