The Impact of Pyjama Days on Mindset!

Have you ever had a pyjama day?

Pyjama days are when you spend the whole day in your pyjamas. This is not a temptation that we allow ourselves very often but there are some times that we do give in to the pleasure of it.

I am the kind of mum that loves nothing more, particularly in the evenings, than putting their PJs on and snuggling in for some sofa time with the family.

And I think that every now & then a pyjama day is good for the soul.

And yet here we are, on Monday 30th March 2020 and today I regret having one of those days yesterday!

Today, I feel a little lost & uneasy!  As we venture into Week 2 of lockdown due to the Coronavirus Pandemic, all sense of normality & routine has gone out of the window.   

A positive mindset is imperative at this challenging time and sitting around yesterday in my PJ’s wasn’t actually a positive move for me! 

If anything, it has been detrimental to my mindset, sent to me to a negative place, one that I am struggling to get out of today!  

So what are the Pros & Cons of Pyjama Days?


It is relaxing!

It probably goes without saying that it is relaxing. Pyjama days just seem to be restful and peaceful. It is a day that you can just rest and do things like reading or watching movies. You must not work or clean if you are wearing pyjamas! The whole purpose of the day is to just relax.

It is a day at home!

Needless to say, pyjama days are days where you do not leave home.  Since our family is made up of homebodies, pyjama days fit right into that. We all just wear our pyjamas and enjoy not leaving the house.

The pressure is off!

A pyjama day means that you get to set your list aside for a while and just enjoy the fact that you are home. No deadlines to meet or places you have to be. The whole point of a pyjama day is to just enjoy being home and doing nothing but what makes you feel happy and relaxed. It is nice to just have no pressure on you to get things done.

It’s out of the ordinary!

A pyjama day is out of the ordinary, at least in our house. We are a busy family. We balance jobs, extracurricular activities for the boys, social events and many other obligations. A pyjama day is a welcome change to all of that. It is a down day that we all welcome heartily. They are rare occasions that we treasure when we get them… and yet now they are not!

We are now in an unprecedented situation where we could spend each & every single day in our pyjama’s as we are told to stay at home & self-isolate

At a time when all structure & schedules have gone out of the window, I believe it is important to maintain a purpose for each day and to have goals to attain.

So for that reason, I have had a change of heart about Pyjama Days and, at this time, for me,  do not think repetitive Pyjama Days are a healthy habit to be getting into! 

So what do I view as the Cons of Pyjama Days at this present time?


Work Mindset!

In order to complete a decent days work we need to be in the right mindset!  Without preparing yourself for a normal working day, things will go awry.  We need to try & get up as normal, shower, dress for a casual work day, brush our hair, and look as presentable as you usually do.

This will put you in your normal daily/work mindset.

Reduction in Productivity

Pyjamas are strongly associated with sleep and lounging, so it’s not surprising that wearing them all day is going to keep us in chill mode. For some people, including me, the psychological effects of wearing PJ’s or lounge wear can hamper productivity.

Transition between daytime & night-time becomes blurred

Whether you are working from home or home schooling, wearing pyjamas all day, will blur the lines between daytime & night-time and they will cease to be an indulgence. Plus, changing out of day clothes and into pyjamas is an important transition for a lot of people that can help mentally prepare us for bedtime…and vice versa!

Reduction in social contact

Social contact is very important. If you’re used to having lunch or coffee with friends & colleagues, you need to plan social phone or video calls to each other and you won’t do this if you are in your pyjama’s still!  It’s really important to stay connected with your friends & colleagues as usual and to make sure all feel supported and not become totally isolated!

Lack of fresh air

At a time when we are only allocated up to 1hr of outside exercise once a day, getting dressed and getting out is so important!

Get some fresh air. If you can, have a daily walk, or at least get outside in your garden or balcony. Hang out some washing, walk the dog, water a plant, pick some fresh veggies, just take a break from your 4 walls and move around.

So there you have it, my current thoughts on Pyjama Days and why I am going to avoid them for a while!

When the news is all doom and gloom—as it has been since the outbreak of the coronavirus— it’s hard for even the most optimistic among us to stay positive, but know that we will get through this!

Instead, focus on the positive so that you have the energy and resolve needed to weather this storm. Here are nine things you can do:

  • Limit your intake of news, TV & snacks!
  • Watch a funny video & remember to laugh!
  • Look after your neighbours.
  • Support your favourite local business.
  • Send gifts in the mail – I can help you with this one!  ☺️☺️
  • Take advantage of found time.
  • Practice random acts of kindness.
  • Take a daily inventory of positives & accomplishments

Did you have a pyjama day this weekend?  How do you feel now?

Share your thoughts with us below 

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