Do you know your Style Personality?


Personality and style are very closely related. Your style has a personality, and your personality gives you your style. Now it’s time to figure out what your style personality is… Your style personality determines the sort of clothes you are naturally drawn to, and if lifestyle and budget were no object, the sort of clothes you would choose to wear all the time. Every woman…

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How Nature Inspires Fashion & Style


We all have to get dressed in the morning. We love to mix things up and showcase our personality through our outfits and accessories. This is our known as our style personality. How Nature Inspires Fashion & Style But what inspires that style?  What inspires the fashion designers to create what we adorn ourselves in?…

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Getting Out of the Door – Mum Style!

School Run Mum Style - Mum Style Tips - Dress for the school run with Spirit & Grace

School Run Mum Style It’s Monday morning, the children are up, dressed, teeth are clean, PE kits & packed lunches are in bags and yet you are still in your PJ’s; and you have to leave in 5 minutes! Chaos…. School run style how to look great at the school gate Does this sound familiar?…

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