Studs, Drops or Hoops?

Earrings can be great fun! Earrings can help your personal style and personality shine through!

Make sure you experiment with different looks and change up your style based on your mood, outfit choice or the dress code of the event you are attending. I promise you will enjoy it and look great!

Your earring choice can be bold to make a statement or subtle and demure, either way, they are a fantastic way to finish off an outfit.

And our newest member of the Royal Family, Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, steals the show, these earrings are simply stunning!


Whether you are the type for studs, drops or hoops, what you choose to wear to adorn your ears can say a lot about both your personality type and the look that you are going for.

A pair of statement earrings continues to be a must-have jewellery piece to accessorise and maximise even the simplest outfits.

Imagine earrings in relation to your outfit like ‘icing on the cake’ or ‘the cherry on top!’.

There are a few basic styles – the stud, the drop, and the hoop and then there are a few new exciting additions;

Everyone has a favourite style, but it is fun to mix them up.


The stud is the most traditional and timeless shape, simple and classic, it is difficult to go wrong with a set of high-class studs.



A pair of stud earrings are flexible in terms of the outfit they will complement and are a great way to dress up a casual jeans-and-a-top get-up, but will also give an understated elegance to any cocktail dress, one of the reasons that they have retained their popularity for so long

Lady Kitty Spencer also chose a stunning pair of Dolce & Gabbana studs to perfect her attire, looking incredibly polished & graceful.



The drop earrings are more diverse and can be broken down further into two different categories, the simple drop and the dangle and are the most expressive styles available, covering anything from classic to edgy

They sound the same, but there is a difference. The simple drop earring hangs just below the earlobe and are stationary or move very little.  Dangle earrings literally hang down from the earlobe and… well, dangle.

Simple Drops

Simple drops are undoubtedly more divisive than the classic stud shape and cannot be faulted when it comes to adding glamour to any given outfit. Typically, these simple pieces have an embellishment like a charm or gemstone dropping directly from the base of the earring.

Amal Clooney, in my opinion, another winner in the style stakes at THE wedding of 2018, chose the perfect pair of earrings to compliment her outfit.


Dangles (or danglies as I like to call them!)

Danglies are longer & have movement, they hang and swing side to side. The length to which they hang is varied and down to personal choice, with some that can even brush the shoulders.

For special occasions, a dangle can add sparkle to the face.


To create a real statement, the danglie chandelier earring is bigger and bolder and your jewellery collection is not complete until you add an amazing, dazzling pair of these!


And the stunning Meghan wins again with this stunning pair of earrings for the Wedding Reception.


Drop and dangle earrings have universal appeal so there is a perfect pair for everyone.


Hoops come in many styles and sizes, but it is usually best to keep it simple.  These types of earrings have made a major comeback and they are simply great because of the diverse selection you can choose from and their effortless styling. They make great accessories with any casual outfit in any setting, and even look great with a business suit and a ponytail in your hair.


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