All You Need Is Less Candle (Sandalwood & Black Pepper)

All You Need Is Less Candle (Sandalwood & Black Pepper)


There comes a point in anyone’s life that we begin to question our future, our decisions, and basically what we’re doing with our lives.

You’re going to keep wanting more when in all actuality, all you need is less.

By going back to basics and focusing on our senses, we can be whisked off into another world!  Scent is one of our most powerful senses – a whiff of perfume can remind us of a loved one or a special memory and room fragrance is no different and all you need is a match to spark the magic.

This lovely simple candle presented in a white etched glass with the wording “All you need is less” is hand poured with the indulgent, rich and full fragrance of Sandalwood & Black Pepper.  This luxurious aroma of smooth sandalwood and cracked black peppercorn is enhanced further by fresh citrus top notes, warm woods and exotic musks.  What better scent to help you drift away into a place that makes you feel calm and happy!

Using only the highest quality mineral wax and cotton wicks with a burn time of approximately 40 hrs. Each candle is lazer etched onto the side of the glass and comes with a wooden lid that can double up as a stand/base which protects your surfaces.

·         Fine fragrance candle
·         Lazer etched glass
·         Burn Time: 40 hours
·         Alcohol Free
·         Hand poured in the Kentish countryside

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Refresh & infuse your home with this soothing fragrance, stylish look and the calming quote that will help to de-stress and settle a racing mind and there is nothing like a high-quality home fragrance to lend a sense of luxury to any room

Candles today are no longer just functional and lit to give off light, there are used to create a romantic atmosphere over a meal, can produce an intimate environment, or chosen as the perfect accompaniment to de-stress whilst enjoying a relaxing bath or good book.

“A beautiful scented candle can lift the spirits and totally change the atmosphere of a room – it can even change one’s behaviour,” Christina Scutt, founder of lifestyle brand Cabbages & Roses.

Candles add warmth and atmosphere and will create atmosphere and the scents will help you to transition your space from season to season.

These beautiful diffusers are a great gift for a friend – or even for treating yourself.


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