Is ‘effortless style’ something you strive for?

Is ‘effortless style’ something you strive for?

Do you want to look put together & polished without looking like you have tried too hard?

One thing that I have learnt over the years of running Spirit & Grace is that…it takes effort to have style!

Even the simplest of ‘effortlessly stylish’ looks have either an investment of time, knowledge or money behind it.


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Do you strive for effortless chic?

There is so much information out there these days and it can be pretty overwhelming at times. 

This week over on my social media channels (Facebook & Instagram) I asked where most people go for style inspiration these days. Each platform provides a different service and they also have different audiences.  However, Instagram & Pinterest came out on top from a visual perspective!

When it comes to style, yes use these platforms for inspiration, but to put together a look that is authentic to you and your lifestyle can be a challenge and it doesn’t come naturally to everyone.

To assist you, here are key elements to unlock your style, broken down into 6  categories:

Confidence & Mindset

This is probably the most essential component, but also the hardest!   

Think about it: when you get up in the morning and you’re in a bad mood, worried about the few extra pounds you have put on, or burdened about something going on in your life, or feeling intimidated about what the workday might hold, that translates to your style.

You have to get up and choose to make an outfit decision for the day!  So don’t let your mindset be the roadblock that stops you from being happy!


Style Confidence & Positive Mindset
Style Confidence & Positive Mindset

Style Personality

This is the most important because you can’t change how you’re wired! 

Your style personality determines the sort of clothes you are naturally drawn to, and if lifestyle and budget were no object, the sort of clothes you would choose to wear all the time.  We all have our own ideas of what looks good and is ‘stylish’. (pop over & have a read of my last blog on this very subject!)

Discovering your style personality will enable you to:

  • Recognise how your style reflects your personality!
  • Understand your style likes & dislikes!
  • Be consistent with your style choices!

Colour Palette Wheel

Did you know every colour within a seasonal colour palette all complement each other? Knowing your colour season can be of great use when developing a personal colour palette and once you know you can be as bold or as neutral as you like with your colour combinations. 

Your seasonal colour is not influenced by your style personality or body shape.  Rather, it looks at certain aspects of the natural colouring of your skin, eyes, and hair and matches those with colours that will reduce the appearance of imperfections and will complement your natural colouring.


Seasonal Colour Palette, Colour Analysis.
Seasonal Colour Palette Wheel

Shape & Fabric

Finding your body shape can help you create a more balanced silhouette through the outfit choices, reducing those deflating changing room experiences.  Once you dress the lines of your body you will flatter your figure! Effortless StyleEffortless Style

Colours play an extremely important part of your wardrobe journey, but there is another factor which is often overlooked: fabric!  When you think about it, the fabric is the integral component of each element of clothing.  The right fabric can make you feel comfortable and will fall beautifully, whilst the wrong one will make you feel irritated and it is likely to also be ill-fitting!

Lifestyle & Budget

If you want to have enviable style on a budget, knowing what you like and what you don’t will save you so much time and money, and will help you make better choices when you are shopping.

The best way to maximize your budget is to create a framework for your style.

Perhaps it is time to create a style inspiration board with pictures from magazines and categories to suit your lifestyle!

Having a visual of what you like is the most efficient way to make the most of your budget because it gives you a structure through which to filter your choices.


Lifestyle & Budget Choices.
Lifestyle & Budget Choices

Wardrobe Organisation

Make the most of your clothes! Effortless Style

Are your clothes rails full-to-bursting, but you’ve still got “nothing to wear”?  You probably have lots of lovely pieces, but you are just overwhelmed!   It’s time for a comprehensive wardrobe overhaul!

Less is more!

Before you start your wardrobe audit there are three things to consider.

  • how much money do you have to purchase new items?
  • what has worked for you in your current wardrobe, what do you keep going back to?
  • what hasn’t worked and why?


Wardrobe De-clutter, Wardrobe Audit
Wardrobe De-clutter

So there you have it, a brief overview of the key elements to unlock your style!  You are further along on your journey than you think you are!

Do you already follow influencers on Instagram or have you created your own Style Inspiration board on Pinterest?  Why not have a go and let us know how you get on!  

Share your boards & thoughts with us in the comments below…

Whatever your style personality, pop over and have a look at the jewellery & accessories currently available here at Spirit & Grace, there is sure to be something that catches your eye.

Thank you for reading & have a great day. Xx

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