I do love a scarf!

It’s that time of year again when I have a wardrobe shake-up and swap out my winter clothes to make way for my summer attire, it’s like getting a whole new wardrobe and an exciting array of new outfits and can be so refreshing!

It was during this process that I did a quick stock check and realised I own more than 20 scarves, now some would say that this is quite indulgent, but there is always scope for more!

Whenever I perform my wardrobe clear-out, I rarely give up my scarves. They are the accessories which can change the look of an outfit in a heartbeat…I just never know which one I will need at which time and I wear them all year round.

Scarves are a wardrobe essential for me!

If you love scarves as much as I do, you will understand that a scarf is a fundamental element to any wardrobe, just like herbs, spices & seasoning are to a recipe, they add luxury, richness & drama to the ordinary.

In the main I use them for warmth, protecting me from the fresh, crisp weather of the autumn and winter months, whilst looking great, they also add that touch of style and complete the entire look. As much as a scarf can be used for comfort and dressing for the weather, a lightweight scarf in the spring & summer adds a touch of colour & texture to an outfit.

One of the big trends this past season has also been the wrap or poncho, of which I also have a few! I for one think it’s a great trend to embrace, are a great addition to your wardrobe and will add a modern touch to your wardrobe. They are also super comfortable to wear!


There are really 4 different types of scarf and here is a brief overview:

The keeps you toasty scarf & poncho

Wrap up and stay warm in a pashmina style scarf, wrap or poncho, this type of scarf will keep you toasty no matter how cold things get, whatever adventure awaits, pop this on and the chills will be kept at bay.

Wonderfully indulgent and luxurious, a scarf, wrap or poncho is a true investment piece for your wardrobe.

So soft to the touch and incredibly warm, it is also perfect for layering.



The goes with absolutely everything scarf

It goes with everything. Well, everything I wear. A lot. Like my skinny denim jeans, my leather jacket and my trusty Barbour quilted coat! No wardrobe is complete without a scarf that is totally versatile, truly stylish & beautiful.

You are running out of the door, (late, if you are anything like me!) and you grab this scarf, it literally goes with everything and you know it will always work with your outfit!

Choose a scarf in a classic colour like navy, grey, cream or black, with the option of a stripe, spot or check and you know you are on to a winner!



The glamorous scarf

This is a must-have fashion accessory and is important to add a feeling of luxury, one of my favourites! A hint of metallic accents or an animal print makes a great accessory to a lovely black coat, spicing up what could be a drab or monotonous look with something that now gives you the perfectly pulled together look and feeling confident for any occasion.

This elegant scarf helps you transition seamlessly from every-day outfit to classy night out.


The statement scarf

Brighten up even the dullest of outfits with a delightful ‘pop of colour’, giving it the wow factor, instantly adding that ‘punch’.

Choose your favourite colour for this one and include beautiful prints and flowers, ensuring that fabulous chic look.

The statement scarf can be a wardrobe’s best friend, so don’t do it by halves!




Styling outfits with your scarves can be easy, the first step is knowing what you’ve already got to work with. Why not pop into your wardrobe and come up with a few ideas of your own!

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