Getting Out of the Door – Mum Style!

School Run Mum Style

It’s Monday morning, the children are up, dressed, teeth are clean, PE kits & packed lunches are in bags and yet you are still in your PJ’s; and you have to leave in 5 minutes! Chaos…. School run style how to look great at the school gate
Does this sound familiar? School Run Mum Style

Taking time out for yourself or making yourself look great is generally at the bottom of the list. How could you possibly find the time?

Of course, there are those who will say that it doesn’t matter what we wear, and we should not be judged for our choices.  This rather ignores the point that for many of us how we present ourselves to the world is important.  Pride in one’s appearance is certainly something I am teaching both my boys!

But what if I said you could look effortlessly stylish in a matter of minutes? And feel great about how you look.


School Run Mum Style - Mum Style Tips - Dress for the school run with Spirit & Grace

School Run Mum Style

Here a few simple tips that can take the stresses out of your morning routine:

Be You…School Run Mum Style

It took me a while to get my style confidence back after becoming a mum, our bodies take such a battering during & after pregnancy!

Generally, my basic ‘go to’ formula is wearing skinny jeans, jumpers and trainers/boots!  It’s a fail-safe combination and it’s comfortable, but to up the style stakes, I always try and elevate it with some jewellery, a scarf or a bright bag just so it gives the impression I have tried a bit harder.

Rocking up in saggy joggers is just not my thing, it makes me feel a mess in myself, they are saved for an evening on the sofa! By wearing my favourite, easy to wear pieces it makes me feel empowered and that I can take on just about anything the day has to throw at me.’

When I make the effort, I am always more productive and proactive.  I feel like I am putting my best foot forward and I’m more confident knowing that I am representing myself in the best way I can.

Not sure of your style? If you are unsure, Instagram if used in a positive way, is fun to discover new brands and a great way to explore style ideas. However, always be you!  Don’t let the latest trend or what other people are wearing determine your style IF it’s not your style!  Inspiration is good, but it’s never a good idea to copy anyone else completely!


Katie Topping - Curator in Chief - Spirit & Grace Style - School Run Mum Style
Katie Topping – Curator-in-Chief

Colour is Your Best Friend

On the busiest of mornings, imagine having options in your wardrobe that you can just grab and put on, knowing that you will look fabulous.

This is not possible you say, but it really is!  It is all in your colour choices!  Once you know what colours in the spectrum make you look great, your wardrobe becomes a joy & you can pick clothes at random!  Everything just goes together! 

And…even better, if you use your ‘WOW’ colours for your outerwear!  Imagine having a coat, poncho or scarf in the right colour tones for you!  Immediately your whole outfit is brightened, and you will have maximum style for minimal effort!And don’t forget that animal print is great too,  leopard print especially can perk up an outfit instantly! 

Shop animal prints now…

The Accessories Effect

For busy mums who feel like they don’t have time to create an elaborate look in the mornings, invest in a few fabulous accessories!

Statement pieces can go a long way!  When you want to up the style ante, nothing beats the power of a gorgeous accessory or two!  The right piece will give even a simple jeans and t-shirt combo an amazing lift and can also hide a multitude of sins!  Plus, it can be easily thrown on in seconds!

Whether you opt for a premium quality shoulder bag or for practicality reasons a fabulous cross-body bag.  Or maybe throw on a scarf to complete your outfit; a scarf is the ultimate accessory! Stash one in your bag to transform a basic outfit in the time it takes to make a knot.  They come in all shapes, sizes and colour combinations too!

Spend on You!

When it comes to spending money, we mums generally end up at the bottom of the pecking order, it’s understandable!

But think about it this way; when you look good, you feel good and everyone around you will reap the benefits!  Including your family. 


And finally…Plan Ahead!

Take the stress out of getting dressed and out of the door in the morning by organising & lifting out what you are going to wear the night before!

Embrace your motherhood curves, dress the new you & you’ll be bang on trend at the school gates!

I hope these style muses have been helpful and we would love to know what you think.

If you are interested in updating your look, then check out the fabulous range of accessories & jewellery available here at Spirit & Grace!

And remember, it takes as much effort to throw on a pair of jeans with a nice top as it does to throw on some jogging bottoms & trainers…

So, what are you going to wear on Monday?

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