Dress with Style – ‘Top Style Tips’!

The Spirit & Grace ‘Top Style Tips’ for Looking & Feeling Great!


Between balancing career, family, and finding time for ourselves, stepping out the door with style every day can seem impossible – but it really doesn’t have to be!

Wouldn’t it be amazing if we all had endless spare time and the energy to spend on developing our personal styles. But, sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day. Juggling work, family commitments and a social life can all make it harder to find the right style for you.

You can make your life a lot easier with some clever fashion tips that allow you to look your best on any occasion. You can adjust your choices based on your personal style, body type and personality and personal preferences, but most of these tips will work for any of woman out there.

That is what this blog post is all about. I have compiled some useful, quick style tips that will save you time while ensuring you look great!


Preparation & Planning!

We all know the saying ” Proper Prior Planning Prevents Poor Performance” and the rule should also be applied to our outfit planning!

You can’t plan for everything, but don’t let your mornings catch you off-guard. To get around this, consider what you need to wear the night before and lay it out ahead of time. By having a few ready-made outfits available in your wardrobe that you can quickly throw on, you eliminate the need to go through the rigmarole of putting different items of clothing together to see what works best for the day ahead!

With your decision already made, you have a shot at a stress-free morning! And seriously, who doesn’t want this!


Get to Know Your Body Shape

We all come in different shapes and sizes and life would be boring if we were all the same! Naturally, there are features in our body that we like to accentuate and show more off than other features. So the trick is to identify those physical features that we would like to conceal through clothing silhouettes and colours first and then focus on enhancing the physical features that we love about our body. 

No single body shape is the same. However, every woman fits into a body shape category.

Depending on where you look, there will be varying different opinions on the number of body shapes categories there out there, but to keep it simple, have a look at the chart below. Here are the basic 5:




Once you know what category you roughly fall into, you’ll know how to show off your best features, disguise any problem areas, and determine the right style and fit for your figure!

You know how some people just seem to know how to wear the right clothes! You can do this too, by just understanding how your body is building and accenting your features in the right way! Embrace your shape and learn to love it!


Know Your Colours!

Colour can have a huge impact on how we look, how we feel and how others perceive us. When we get it right, it transforms our look.

Colour is a wonderful tool for giving your look an instant boost. Wearing colours that complement your natural colouring can make you look healthier, more vibrant and younger.

Sarah Van Dort from Absolutely Fabulous Image has written a fantastic blog, over on her website, explaining this exact topic: What’s Your Colour Type, showing examples of six beautiful women who generally always look fabulous but even they can have an off day because they are in the wrong colour!

If you want to understand more about your own colour, or would like to get your colours analysed, contact Sarah – she is Absolutely Fabulous!


Always Accessorize!

Accessorizing is what actually gives your outfit the personal touch. The way you accessorize is an important part of your style!

So try to wear at least one accessory, whether it is a statement necklace, a bright colourful bag or a great pair of earrings (or all of the above). A solid statement piece can take an ensemble from ‘hmmm, it’ll do’ to a stand-out in seconds.

There are multiple ways to accessorize your outfits and here at Spirit & Grace, I can help!


Stock up on scarves

Scarves come in all shapes, colours & sizes, materials and forms, so you’ll be certain to a find a style for you! Adorning a scarf is the fastest way to accessorize, and it can turn any outfit into one looking like a million bucks!


Wrap up your look with our collection of stylish women’s scarves.


Add Jewellery for Extra Detail

I love adding classic, dainty necklaces and statement bracelets to simple outfits for that easy extra touch.  Nobody loves a basic shirt or jumper more than I do, so by adding a simple necklace with it, is the perfect combination.

The right accessories will enhance your overall look and provide the fashion statement you want to project.Many people may claim that “less is more,” but isn’t always correct. There are some times when you want to wear accessories that sparkle and shine; the key is to know when it’s okay.



Belt Up!

A fabulous belt can make any outfit better! It’s fashionable and most importantly, can accent your curves in all the right places!

Gone are the days of matching the belt to the shoes and handbag.

In fact, a belt works best when it stands on its own, drawing attention to the waist it cinches so well.

Complete any killer look with minimum fuss and maximum style with our collection of belts sure to complement any style.

The Handbag Edit

A handbag is one of the most versatile and important accessories that a woman can own! And you can never have too many!

Bags come in all shapes & sizes and are such a valuable accessory in your wardrobe toolbox! What else holds your wallet, phone, lipgloss and adds he finishing touch to any outfit?

Whether you’re heading to the office, a formal event, or even to the gym, you’re bound to have a handbag at your side.

Do you have a tendency to carry lots of stuff around day in and day out? Then a large, multipurpose shoulder handbag or tote with lots of space and pockets would be a great choice. Or do you need an edgy compact style to solely carry your keys, wallet, phone, and lip gloss for an evening out? Then a feature clutch is definitely date-night-ready.


Bag yourself a style update from the Spirit & Grace collection


So there you have it, a few of my style tips!

And my final one: If you are ever on the fence about what to wear, consider where you are going and who will be there.  When in doubt, err on the side of being more dressy.  If you are worried about looking too done up, bring along a casual layer like a denim or leather jacket to give your look an effortless chic touch.

But most importantly, nothing is more stylish than confidence!  So Be Beautiful!  Be You!


Do you have any style secrets or top style tips of your own?  Share them in the comments!

We wish you every happiness on your style journey, and can’t wait to share it with you!

The Spirit & Grace Style Team Xx


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