Do you suffer ‘Christmas Season Stresses’?

When you think about Christmas, do you think about a wonderful time of the year spent indulging in fantastic, rich foods, the giving of gifts, frivolity & laughter and spending time in the company of your family & friends?  Or does the sheer thought of Christmas overwhelm you, kick off anxieties within and make you want to bury your head in the sand?

There is so much pressure put upon these few days of festivities; the expectation to impress, the obligation to socialise, the financial angst of finding that perfect gift, being the life & sole of the party all while cooking & feeding the entire clan!

It is no wonder that so many people get their ‘knickers in a twist’ and feel that their best is not going to be good enough!  It is important to acknowledge these real feelings and manage your expectations so that Christmas is ‘the most wonderful time of the year!’.


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Billy Huynh


Read on for a few simple tips to make this festive season one that you will always remember, for the right reasons!


It’s not about perfection!

From the right party outfit to the beautifully-wrapped presents under the most amazingly-decorated Christmas tree, we all put ourselves under an immense amount of pressure to get it right or our perception of what is right!

Don’t get caught up in the hype of perfection!  Your idea of perfection will be different to mine and that of the next person, so just relax & enjoy it!


Be realistic by creating your idea of the ‘perfect’ Christmas that suits you and your family. Concentrate on the little things that make you and your family happy, eight hours of deep, unbroken sleep, playing board games around an open fire, a Christmas disco night or a simple meal cooked by someone else!   It doesn’t matter, this is your Christmas and no-one else’s!


If you are struggling for gift ideas, check out my blog from last week for my top picks: Let Spirit & Grace help you SPARKLE this Christmas 

Focus on what matters! 

Christmas shouldn’t be all about presents and the marketing hype that is becoming more prevalent year on year!  For some, it may be about volunteering and making yourself useful to others which can be a positive, new and rewarding experience and a way to lift your spirits.

Remember it’s your Christmas too, so check-in with your feelings, try to relax and have fun, laugh and be merry.

In the run-up to Christmas, keep calm & carve time out for yourself – whether it’s a long walk in the autumn leaves, playing some relaxing music, a quiet 10 minutes reading a book, burning some seasonal scented candles or even a lovely indulgent massage.  It is so important to give yourself the same care and consideration that you would your best friend, so take a step back from thinking about what gifts to buy others, what food to cook for others and who you should have over for festive drinks.


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Jamie Davies


Plan & make a list!
A rather large number of us wait until the last minute to start preparing for Christmas, and the inevitable outcome is stress!
To reduce the risk, get yourself organised and make a list! Grab your notepad and start writing down all the tasks that need to be completed before, during & even after the Christmas period, and the earlier you start the better; food shopping, present buying, taking a trip to visit Father Christmas, putting up the decorations & even sleeping arrangements for when the family descends!  Make the list as detailed as possible and prioritise each point.


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Jon Tyson

Start writing your Christmas cards early too!  If you start mid-November, you can write a few cards each day and put them to one side before posting at the beginning of December,

Also, if you don’t already do it, or have never even tried it, do your big food shop online and have it delivered to your door, taking the mass supermarket frenzy out the equation and saving your back from all the lugging at the same time!

Make sure you enjoy yourself!

Give yourself a deadline for when you will stop the Christmas preparations and start to relax and enjoy the festivities.  Work towards this and try to stick to this goal, by having completed your list ahead of time and planning out all your tasks, this should be easier this year.  Remember that Christmas is your holiday too!

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It is also OK to say ‘no’ to invitations and Christmas parties with friends, family or colleagues! You don’t have to do it all, make sure you consider your priorities and put yourself & your family first.
I hope that you have a great Christmas and some of my tips have helped you along the way.  Do you have any helpful tips to share?
Ho-Ho-Ho & have a great Christmas Xx

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