Do you know your Style Personality?

Personality and style are very closely related. Your style has a personality, and your personality gives you your style. Now it’s time to figure out what your style personality is

Your style personality determines the sort of clothes you are naturally drawn to, and if lifestyle and budget were no object, the sort of clothes you would choose to wear all the time.

Every woman will have a predominant style personality with a touch of one or two others, for example, my predominant Style Personality is Classic, with a dash of Rock Chick thrown in for good measure…

We all know that someone who just looks great all the time makes us feel unkempt and a bit ‘pulled through the hedge backwards!’.

She’s not the most stylish or fashionable woman but she’s surprisingly consistent in her choice of attire, almost a uniform of sorts.  For she has found a look that suits her body shape, is appropriate for her lifestyle and she knows what makes her feel confident and comfortable!

If someone asked you ‘What’s your Style?’ you might find it difficult to say, but hopefully, after reading this article you find it easier to identify your own Style Personality!  A place where you can embrace your instinctive taste and individuality.

Having said that, your style is an evolution and will change over time depending on various factors relating to your lifestyle.

Style Personalities can be broken down into different categories…

It’s quite usual for us to feel an affinity with two or even three different looks!  After all, we’re different people at different times!

Classic Style Personality

A classic style personality will always be elegantly and appropriately dressed for any occasion and always be well turned out.  A lady ready for business, always in control with a look that’s akin to a uniform, dependable & trustworthy.

You will be drawn to refined clothing and understated accessories!  With a preference to invest in quality fabrics and timeless styles rather than jumping on trends.

The Classic look is timeless, comfortable and flattering with shapes, colours and styles to mix and match for any occasion.  Matching and co-ordinated looks are your preference over those that incorporate bold colours and prints. Simple, polished, refined and somewhat restrained!

Your jewellery and accessory choices are not overbearing and are complimentary to your outfits without being the focal point.

Natural Style Personality

The natural style personality, as the name suggests loves jeans and fitness wear. Feeling comfortable in your clothes is most important to you, and your easygoing nature tends towards more casual outfits.  Simple lines and designs are your preferred choices over anything too detailed or fussy.  You are much happier dressing down than up, and prefer clothes that are practical and easy, with minimal maintenance.

Naturals tend to fall into two groups. Those that would like to dress a little more fashionably, but haven’t got a clue, and those who simply don’t care.

This look is very much lifestyle led – informal unpretentious and relaxed – a simplified, unfussy and dressed-down look that allows you to feel comfortable in your own skin.

Your jewellery and accessory choices reflect your minimal look, and you tend to wear basic and durable accessories with footwear also focused on comfort. When it comes to hair and makeup you tend to be a wash and go sort of girl!

City Chic Style Personality

You are a city chic girl through and through. Living in a Capital city you are in your element – from the cool bars and restaurants to the beautiful shops and diverse range of cultural activities and people.

You put time and effort into the way you look, and you love accessories, sometimes spending more on bags and shoes than anything else in your wardrobe.  You choose sophisticated clothes in chic neutrals in luxurious fabrics. Expertly and expensively groomed and under-stated. A cool elegance.

You love bags, shoes and scarves, and you’ve likely experimented with most key styles!  While you follow trends, you generally shop with care and won’t buy into a trend that doesn’t compliment your existing wardrobe.

Your jewellery choices reflect this minimal approach! Either making a statement with a single accessory or balancing some more subtle pieces.

You don’t feel dressed without your makeup or perfume, and you regularly have your hair cut and styled, subtly ringing in the changes.

Dramatic Style Personality

Dramatic style personalities love to make an entrance!  They stand out in a crowd with their striking, minimalistic, beautifully tailored clothes.  You are glamorous, confident and always in command…

Your wardrobe consists of many different styles and one-off pieces ready to make a statement.

You don’t buy clothes to be practical or washable and you like bold colour and accessories. You struggle to wear casual clothes as you much prefer to dress up.  Wearing the latest fashion takes precedence over comfort, and you are willing to give most new trends a go.

Your look is striking and well thought out.  Added details provide the finishing touch to your look whether it be a statement necklace, bold lip colour, eye-catching shoe or carrying a large attention-grabbing bag. 

Creative Style Personality

A creative style personality assembles a wardrobe that is original, innovative and completely individual.  

Your work is likely to be as creative as your dress sense!  You can pull together looks and wear clothes that reflect your creative personality, and give you a completely unique look.  You love experimenting with colour and are likely to love beautiful fabrics such as hand-painted or printed silks; suede, denim, fur and animal prints too!

Where you shop is as eclectic as your wardrobe; you love putting clothes together that make you stand out from the crowd.

Your jewellery collection is bold! While your footwear and accessories are usually statement-making and you are particularly fond of belt and hats.

Romantic Style Personality

As a romantic style personality, you will have more dresses and skirts in your wardrobe than trousers and jeans. Romantics are feminine to the core, you have a soft appearance and generally prefer flowing silhouettes and muted colours.

You’re always conscious of being well-groomed and looking your best. Even with simpler styles, you will most likely choose them in pretty colours that include decorative features such as hearts, bows & ruffles.

You love matching pretty underwear too!  You will never miss a chance to wear heels and perhaps flowers in your hair.  And for that finishing touch, your jewellery is dangly, dainty and detailed.

Rock Chick Style Personality

The rock chick style personality is predominantly casual, but with an edgy twist.

Your look is casual and relaxed and you love jeans! You favour a monochrome palette of black, grey and white, and you love the contrast of a leather biker jacket and boots, teamed with a chiffon skirt or dress. While you won’t opt for overtly feminine embellishments like embroidery or frills, you do like to embellish your outfits and accessories with buckle and stud details. And you do love a bit of animal print!

When it comes to jackets and coats for your style personality, the leather jacket is a wardrobe staple, but you could also add a denim jacket as well as looking at faux fur coats, and a black blazer for when you want to smarten up your jeans.

You like chunky silver pendants, long earrings and cuff bangles, whilst preferring to wear your hair long, loose and natural. When it comes to makeup you are happy with a flick of mascara and lip gloss for the day and a dark smokey eye shadow and pale pink lipstick for evenings out.

So there you have it, a brief synopsis of the range of Style Personalities that are out there!

Bearing in mind you may be a combination of 1 or 2 of these.  Do you have a better idea of what your style personality might be now? 

Share your thoughts with us in the comments below…

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Thank you for reading & have a great day. Xx

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