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Wear it with style, wear it with grace, wear it for formal and wear it for fun! A long necklace is an essential part of every woman’s jewellery collection, adding dimension, style & interest to any outfit.

Have you ever really thought about how you wear your jewellery? It may seem like a non-issue, but you do not want to ruin your perfect outfit by wearing a statement piece in a way that is not flattering or just doesn’t make sense. While you have complete freedom to wear your long necklaces however you like, here are a few tips on how to wear long necklaces in a way that completes your outfit effortlessly!

Wearing a long necklace is a style that is so much more personality than fashion! There are so many options!

A collared shirt provides the perfect backdrop for a long necklace. High collars give you a nicely proportioned look when paired with a long, dangling necklace.




A long necklace can ‘jazz’ up a dull jumper & jeans or simple dress combo doesn’t go out of fashion and fits into any kind of seasonal wardrobe. No matter the time of the year, long necklaces still look very stylish and trendy.


Tilley & Grace – Yvonne Necklace



This stunning tear-drop Yvonne necklace is the perfect way to make a real standout statement this season!

This glamorous necklace is one of my favourites and makes a significant impact.  It is so simple in its design, yet chunky too, being made from solid metal it has a lovely weight to it.







Tilley & Grace – Kiki Necklace (Also available in gold)




Make an ordinary outfit outstanding and lift your look with this beautiful long double circle drop Kiki necklace. (Available in gold & silver plate).  A fantastic piece which is the perfect accessory to glam up an outfit.








Read on to explore more practical and fun ways to accessorise with a long necklace!


Easy-going casual!

When are you at your most comfortable?

When you are wearing your favourite pair of comfy jeans and a simple top?

Now style it up with a long trendy necklace.




If there is a chill in the air, you can add layers with a cardigan, a jacket or even a scarf and still show off your choice of jewellery, which makes your outfit much more feminine and stylish.

This piece is just the perfect add-on.




Casually chic!

Here, you can go for a simpler necklace that will effortlessly enhance the elegance of your overall look.

Casually chic outfits are great for going to work, a Sunday brunch with friends walks in the park, or whenever you want to feel relaxed, yet stylish and well put together.  By adding a long necklace, you are merely adding elegance and sophistication to your outfit.  A long necklace and a casual outfit can go a long way!

Tilley & Grace – Aisha Necklace



This stunning dream-catcher style Aisha pendant is created for the dreamer and represents hope, peace and the free spirit.  The wonderfully detailed design captures the intricacies of a native American dream catcher perfectly and is finished with a simple, adjustable chain running through the pendant.  This pendant is lovely to wear and is lightweight, has a lovely texture and catches the light beautifully!






The perfect work ensemble!

It is time to head to the office and you are short on time, a long necklace with a pendant adds style to your look with no effort. In no time you have a very stylish and elegant outfit that will be noticed by your colleagues.



For detailed tops and plain tops alike, you can rock your long necklace with grace and style.

Tilley & Grace – Tia Necklace




This is a finely detailed Tia necklace inlaid with gorgeous filigree leaves, it can be worn long or doubled around depending on what look you are going for.  In silver plating, the pretty leaves shimmer when they catch the light.








A little more risqué!

If an open neckline or a V-neck is more your style, make sure you accessorize with a lariat necklace that will gently sparkle and brighten up your look.

The lariat necklace is a trendy and fashionable piece which is so minimalistic and straightforward, it will look amazing with anything!

Boho Betty – Madeira Sterling Silver Lariat Star Necklace




This simple yet stunning, handmade sterling silver 925 hallmarked Y shaped lariat style Madeira necklace with a drop star pendant is new to the collection just in time for Christmas!








The layered look!

This season is all about the layered look and it is quite likely that you have seen plenty of options on the high-street. It is a popular look and can be worn for all kinds of occasions. The layering effect looks nice on both casual and dressy outfits, and always adds a little something extra, versatile and adaptive!



Don’t be afraid to experiment to create fuller, original and eye-catching looks.

The layering effect looks nice on both casual and dressy outfits, and always adds a little something extra to your look.


Boho inspiration

Add some tassels, fringes or even symbolic pendants to create a bohemian inspired fashion style! This is a look for the free spirit and looks so stylish when paired with skinny jeans and a dressy top!




Don’t feel that you have to layer lots of different boho-inspired long necklaces to create this look, just make sure to add one long necklace with a tassel hanging off of it for a trendy style.


I hope you have found this an interesting read & that you feel the need to start experimenting perhaps even try a little layering!

Indulge & treat yourself to a new long necklace if you are lacking one in your collection and I promise you can truly transform your look!

Which style do you like the best? Would you go delicate or daring?  Let me know!

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