Silver Star Charm Hook Earrings

Silver Star Charm Hook Earrings


These stunning sterling silver hook earrings are elegant and sophisticated with a perfectly modern twist, creating a truly contemporary look

Hand-made in Staffordshire with sterling silver this dainty pair of hook earrings are finished off with a pretty Rose Gold star charm.  Modern, minimal and glamorous, these earrings will look lovely dressed up for a night on the town or played down for everyday wear.

Striking and beautifully feminine, these earrings will keep you looking fresh and fine throughout your day and long into your evening. These simple, charming but contemporary earrings are perfect for those wanting a stylish but thoroughly modern look.

Each pair is different and unique, but equally lovely.

·         Sterling silver hook with star charm

·         Elegant & classic
·         Tarnish resistant
·         Easy to wear


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You will not go wrong with these Sterling Silver Star Charm Hook Earrings.  Easy to wear and classically affordable!   These sterling silver hook earrings have a reassuringly secure fit which will accentuate your outfit and enhance your look!

If you are looking for a stylish gift, these earrings are ideal for those who like their style to be modern and elegant.

Made from sterling silver, many people choose to wear it because they love its bright and shiny lustre.

Sterling silver is extremely versatile and available in a huge range of styles. So, whether you’re looking for something elegant and classy, or prefer a cute and playful look, you’re sure to find the right sterling silver necklace.

If looked after properly silver jewellery can last a long time.  The silver can react to air (oxidise) and start to tarnish if left unused.  Sterling Silver is designed to be worn regularly, so just by wearing it often, the natural oils in your skin will help to maintain its shine!  Secondly, there are silver polishing cloths and solutions available which will bring back its shine in no time at all!

These Sterling Silver Star Charm Hook Earrings will put a smile on anyone’s face!  If you like these, do miss out on having a look at other earrings in the range.

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